Sunday, September 13, 2009

"To the Mothers" 30" x 45", Acrylic, Ink

This is the main piece for my "Nanny" series. You can see the other 5 pieces below. I hope people that view this series of paintings get a better understanding of how many women, specifically mothers play the role of mother to children that aren't theirs. Majority of the time these children are white/European/European-American and the "mothers" are Brown and Black.
It struck me as sad, and amazing how much energy these mothers/women have to give, give, give, to other children; caring for them, teaching them, feeding them, singing to them and then have to go home (if allowed) and take care of their own. But does their energy ever run out? What of those children that don't get to see their mothers? Also struck me as amazing as how much privilege the white mothers have, that they can hand over their children to other women and walk away to work or do as they please.

What do you think??

"Nanny 3 & 4" 5" x 7", Ink, Acrylic

"Nanny 2" 30" x 15", Acrylic, Ink

"Nanny 1" 15" x 30", Acrylic, Ink

New painting from my small "Nanny" series I did for the TYS Black Art Show in SF.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Poster for 9/11 Black Show in SF

New poster hot off the presses mang. 14" x 18" silk screened. Original image of student protester from El Salvador, 1970s.