Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Braids & Whips" ink, charcoal. 11" x 14"

From my "Elegy" solo show. Small image on figure's chest originally from the book "Broken Spears" which is a written account of the European invasion/attack on the Mexica empire. This piece has one of my favorite titles so far.

"Elegy" ink, charcoal. 14" x 11"

Illustration from my "Elegy" show. Really trying to stick to the rule of only painting/illustrating people that I know or photographed. This one is based on my good brother Juan (Wonway) that I've known since we were 10.

"Land or Death" acrylic, ink. 30" x 40"

A better photo of a piece from my new series. Land or Death. Punto.

"FTP" Acrylic, ink, rhinestones. 36" x 36"

This was shown before on my blog (in the entry showing my solo show) but wanted to re-post with a better photo. One of my favorites so far that I've painted in a while. I'm glad I did the rhinestones, my lady's idea. Enjoy and Learn.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Roof Roof

Hey peoples, sorry for not giving you any updates after my solo show. In a nutshell I took off to the Bay Area after my show for about 2 weeks, got some great feedback from my show, hella people hit me up about some prints (if you want one hit me up and now I'm back in Brooklyn.
If any of you guys know I work in an unique high school in the Lower East Side that is host to one of very few legal graffiti art/mural spots in New York. Every year we paint the walls of our roof and have an opening. Here is a couple shots of my new piece in progress. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna change a lot before I am done. I was really trying to be okay with not liking what I did and going over it. It was loosely based on a quick sketch so the development of the piece is still on-going. And I'm okay with it!