Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elegy Opening-El Barrio NYC

I will be installing my "Elegy" series for the months of December and January at the well known Camaradas restaurant in El Barrio neighborhood of Manhattan. This series first had it's showing back in February here in Brooklyn so if you missed it now is your chance. Even if you saw it the first time I added some new pieces and will CREATE a new piece there on one of their walls. Please join us for the opening next week. Below you will find the information.

A new series of work by visual artist Borish
Dec. 2010 - Jan. 2011
Opening Reception Thursday December 9th
@ Camaradas
2241 1st Ave Manhattan NY

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Animal Spirit + 518 Years

New illustration. Not sure how I feel about the final outcome, things are a little off, but they're on the right track. I plan on doing more portraits with animal features.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Improved Elegy Handstyles

Before my "Elegy" series goes up at Camaradas next month I'm getting my homie Mike to redesign the "Elegy" postcards he made for me in March for my solo show. I redesigned the handstyles today, because I wasn't really feeling the old one. Heres the new one. I wrote it using a piece of foam from a foam brush and Sumi ink.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Fall Work

Preview of a new piece I am currently working on. I was asked by the homie Veronica who is a dope artist herself, to submit a piece for a show she is helping put together in Salt Lake City, Utah. The show is titled "Paths of Resistance" and is going to be shown in the Mestizo Coffeehouse and Gallery. You can find them online at their site: mestizoarts.org.

My other good news is that I am also working towards creating a few new pieces for my Elegy series for an opportunity to hang my series at the well known bar and restaurant, Camaradas (here in NYC). They always have really dope artists displaying work there, great bands playing, dope DJs spinning, etc. So you know I was very honored when the homie Adrian who organizes the artists, asked me to put my work up. Adrian himself is a super dope artist, please take a moment and view his work: viajeroart.com.
That exhibit won't go up until the first week of December. We'll also have a small opening party, so I will keep my blog updated for that info.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Antlers. Don't Ask Me Why.

Here is my latest weird fascination: Deer Antlers. I've always liked antlers, they're dope, they're hard as hell, and they're attached to a cool animal. I've had one (small one) for many years but lately, and I'm not sure why, I've wanted more and I'm even looking for some deer skulls to paint. The antlers I am using as reference for some new illustrations I am working on (the Elegy series) and I most likely will end up using them for a sculpture, or altar when I do another show.

The photos below are of a taxidermy deer head I bought on craigslist (which I carried on my bike thru the Lower East Side of Manhattan to my work). I just wanted the antlers so I ended up cutting those off (don't judge me) and donated the head to our science dept at the school I work at. The other antlers I bought at a thrift store near my house in Brooklyn. So odd that I found them so close to my place, in the middle of Brooklyn.

But I am still really unsure WHY I am buying them, but as my lady said, its spirit telling you something, so I should listen.