Monday, November 8, 2010

Antlers. Don't Ask Me Why.

Here is my latest weird fascination: Deer Antlers. I've always liked antlers, they're dope, they're hard as hell, and they're attached to a cool animal. I've had one (small one) for many years but lately, and I'm not sure why, I've wanted more and I'm even looking for some deer skulls to paint. The antlers I am using as reference for some new illustrations I am working on (the Elegy series) and I most likely will end up using them for a sculpture, or altar when I do another show.

The photos below are of a taxidermy deer head I bought on craigslist (which I carried on my bike thru the Lower East Side of Manhattan to my work). I just wanted the antlers so I ended up cutting those off (don't judge me) and donated the head to our science dept at the school I work at. The other antlers I bought at a thrift store near my house in Brooklyn. So odd that I found them so close to my place, in the middle of Brooklyn.

But I am still really unsure WHY I am buying them, but as my lady said, its spirit telling you something, so I should listen.

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