Friday, August 28, 2009

New Sticker

Okay, so I'm not a fancy face graphic designer. But I try. Here is a new design I did this week for some Trust Your Struggle stickers. I haven't made home style stickers in a cool minute, but it's about time we start up again with spreading our message. Recently we've been finding people online getting tattoos of the words Trust Your Struggle and seeing our "expressive hand writings" on walls etc. and people having great reactions to the expression. I'm not saying we're the first to put those words together, but....

Either way, TYS is for the people and its way bigger than all of us. We're honored that people would find those words as inspiration and when nothing else, you gotta trust your struggle.

Also, image originally photographed by Susan Meiselas during the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua. Hand styles by Miguel Bounce Perez. Get your read on gangsta.


  1. dude where can i find some of these stickers for my laptop? i glanced at the tys site but nada.

  2. man somebody gaffled the whole stack at the show