Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Google NYC Mural + Youth

I've been working with these same students for about 3 years creating murals in and around our school. The other month Google asked our principal if our students could help them with a mural in their NY headquarters. They've helped us out in the past by renting out our rooftop for a party and paid us hella much. So I took 3 of my mural students and we did this small logo mural for them. I art directed and they did the majority of the painting. I was super proud of these guys and how the final piece looked. Thank you Mario, Dilyon, and Dennis.

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  1. You still look like one of the students.

    Do you get asked out to prom too, homie? It sucks because then you realize they're not asking you because you're fly - they're just 9th graders that think they'll get in free if they go with a teacher...because tickets are $90.