Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Please Don't Stare at Me" by Tamara Davidson

Today I was greeted by this very beautiful poem in my inbox from a very talented poet by the name of Tamara Davidson. As mentioned in the email, Tamara was influenced by my recent "Nanny" series (check older blogs) that I painted a while ago. I am so HONORED when I can play a role for other artists to create. This in turn also inspires ME to keep creating. Thank you Tamara, much love & light.

Please Don’t Stare At Me

In these moments where our gaze meets the same point.

And the intimacies of our eyes mesh.

The fact of your Fathers does not hit the marrow,

or stir my spine.

An engulf of love

drenches these hands I use to hold you,

clutch the brim of a pastel baby stroller,

and read a letter from home.

You child love me,

in momentary lapse of blindness,

for nothing has been stolen from you.

Though I do not hate your Fathers.

They are mine too.

Philosophical incest,

gutted in uncured meat,

digested in hollow tongues.

If everything,

I hope my painted being,

will rapture the heart of your child souls.

So we are no longer devoured.

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