Friday, May 7, 2010

Discovery Channel "OctoHombre"

Here's a sketch for one of most strangest gigs that I've ever been asked to do since, well I don't know. I've been asked along with the other Design teachers here at my school to paint huge aliens on the roof of our school for a special on the Discovery Channel. The show is called "Sci-Fi Science - Physics of the Impossible". They are asking us to paint our idea of what an alien from space would look like. They're giving us a limited time and will record us in HD in a time-lapse.

I'm pretty excited for this project, it's hella weird but I look forward to painting a piece on the ground which I've never done and also to have my art on the Discovery Channel.


  1. This is dope blud, any more sketches like this?

  2. did you see ben on sci-fi science? anyone?