Sunday, October 10, 2010

Left Turn Magazine Illustration

A recent illustration I did for the magazine Left Turn. The topic was the state of Arizona (that's the Arizona state flag in the illustration) and their new law SB 1070, where local law enforcement is given the right to suspect anyone of being an "illegal" person and ask for documents to prove their citizenship. I envisioned the lawmakers and police forces of the state to be erecting some kind of fence around their state, separating themselves from the rest of the world. And who do you think would be building this fence? That's right.


  1. I dig the construction workers in the top corners. It makes me think of The Grapes of Wrath, although that book put me to sleep.

  2. hahaha, you know I've had that book for years, been meaning to read it again since the first time while in high school. I can totally see the relation. thank you man.

  3. i remember when you were drawing this - i came over, stole your wine bottle opener, took a book from your shelf and your drawing face didnt move but an inch from the page.

    good work.