Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Page From The Sketch Book

Did this a few weeks ago, planning ahead on some new altar installations. There is a specific style of art that was created by the great Fernando Llort (Salvadorian folk artist) in this town in El Salvador, entitled "La Palma". Look it up. Anyways, my idea here would be to create cardboard houses in that style that would surround the altar or make a kind of village in front of the altar. This is also a play on the famous song "Casas de Carton". On the ground I am planning to lay down a layer of white rocks or white cornmeal, or both. Creating a four directional path in front. Looking forward to making this some time in the future. Below is a study I did of the cardboard homes.

1 comment:

  1. We got 7 months to make the new vision for DDLM 2012 reality! Let's plan in advance for this one ... and make it BIGGER and BETTER than the first one!

    A proposal is in need for this one bro ... I may know someone that can get us a place in BK to install it. Let's talk!!!